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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements . .

Craig Williams is available for conference speaking and or conference workshops. These might be conducted locally or internationally.

He has addressed many sales and marketing audiences at important sales and marketing events.  Craig is known for being able to entertain with examples of commercial folly but also for providing helpful and inspirational insights into sales, marketing and organisational success.

If required, Craig has the rare ability to challenge the status quo and give an audience a reason to do the same. This can be very effective when a team is missing an opportunity or where a business is seeking to benefit from renewed commitment, a common vision, a competitive advantage or simply a more highly evolved culture.

Craig has extensive experience with training and facilitation and a unique energetic style.  He has worked with leading companies and had exposure to hundreds of sales and marketing professionals from scores of companies in many industries. This experience and exposure creates significant credibility, engagement and relevance for an audience.

Craig has worked within small and very large companies at senior levels and is aware of organisational dynamics and practicalities.

Craig believes in the vigour and commitment required for product launches, having been personally responsible for many.  He has the ability to add considerable value to such events.

Craig has worked in a number of countries and with diverse cultures, allowing him to speak with appropriate cultural and political awareness when necessary.