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The Fly Factors – High Altitude Sales Leadership.

Practical Insights for Everyone in a Sales Organisation.

Every organisation must become better aligned with its sales imperative.  This is a critical consideration during tough economic times when sales leadership must be a shared responsibility.

Winning sales are achieved utilising what Craig refers to as the five Fly Factors.

The factors are Strategy, People, Leadership, Action and Tools.

High Altitude Sales Leadership

Strategy: If it isn’t Right, It isn’t Right!
·  Right place – customer targeting
·  Right time – service rationing & effort ROI
·  Right message – clarity & focus

People: Sales people or corporate missionaries?
·  Value alignment – yes I believe in this
·  Self expression – I can contribute my way
·  Improvement -  I can always be better
·  Rewards – I get care with my cash

Leadership: Genuine, fair & service oriented
·  Recruit teams with the right attitude & competencies
·  Filter & Reframe: personalities, process & politics
· Embrace individual differences and styles in the team

Action: We can get things get done here!
·  We focus on what matters rather than “busy work”

·  There is a genuine customer service orientation
·  We embrace the long-term value of our customers
·  We believe in being efficient but not cutting corners

·  Believable products & messages
·  A refined or qualified customer list
·  An good organisational brand or reputation