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The Sales Focus

How do you increase your sales revenue, your profit and your market opportunities? Is there scope for redeploying time, effort and money otherwise lost to marketing strategies and sales efforts which are not adequately aligned?  Do you know what practical sales tools and skills really make a difference for your customers?  At DWP we consider each of the following:

  •     Sales growth
  •     Selling skills
  •     Increasing profitability
  •     Commercial strategy
  •     Operational effectiveness
  •     Streamlining processes
  •     Strategic planning
  •     Development of key performance indicators
  •     Better employee selection, retention and engagement
  •     Correct sales force sizing
  •     Best practice leadership

The Marketing Focus

How do you employ customer-centric evaluation of marketing strategy?  What tools do you have for clarifying the essential elements of the promotional mix and properly executing?  DWP can provide specific assistance or help with the development of your strategies and tactics from the ground up.  Alignment with sales execution is always our focus.  Areas we monitor closely include:

  • Innovation and brainstorming techniques which capture unique execution and cut through, even hijacking exposure from the competition!
  • All aspects of eMarketing and how to use new technology to get closer to your customers and establish a lifetime relationship with them whilst also blocking competitors. Such issues as automated referral marketing and database relationship building.
  • Issues to do with defining what business you are in and how you can position yourself and your products for maximum return on investment.

The Cultural Focus

We believe that a culturally evolved “sales organisation” is one where everyone is engaged and committed to the achievement of business success. There are a number of ways in which a business can improve the bottom line and generally become more successfully without changing its target market, products or employees!

Standardised & Effective Programs

Most of what we do  is so clear and well defined that it does not need to be highly customised for each assignment.  This means our clients can have peace of mind working within a predetermined and sensible budget.


When properly implemented, the training and advice which we provide will help increase your sales revenue, your profit and your market opportunities.

As a sales or marketing practitioner, you will have the necessary practical tools and skills to isolate what really makes a difference for your business.

  •     This will allow you to operate with more focus
  •     You will have greater ability and insight into how to interact with existing and potential customers
  •     You will become more decisive about how you promote your products and services
  •     Job satisfaction for everyone in sales and marketing will increase
  •     You will generate more sales with less waste.

How often do you come across sales and marketing training which is completely skills based? This is training and advice where every principle and skill is validated by empirical research and real measures of business success. At DWP you will work with a facilitator who is good enough to not only teach skills and insights but also coach your team in real commercial situations. This is quite different to having someone come into your organisation to deliver theoretical principles.

Particular attention is given to:

  •     Capitalising on market opportunities by streamlining and focusing sales and marketing skills
  •     Improving customer attraction and retention
  •     Isolating high value leads and building more effective sales & communication funnels
  •     Neutralising competitive forces and margin pressure
  •     Increasing customer loyalty and perception of your value offering
  •     Establishing a simple internal language to ensure important commercial opportunities are not lost
  •     Techniques to quickly uncovering customer needs – in person and at a distance
  •     Dealing with technology and the rapidly changing environment.

You don’t need to work with us for months or years to get results.  It’s possible to give you what you need in a day or two.  After that you can roll up your sleeves and make the transformation yourself, or we can stay with you and assist with the ongoing process.

Craig Williams, the founder and principal at DWP, has helped businesses ranging from large multinationals and a number of well known Australian companies to one person start-ups.

Some of the fundamental outcomes which Craig has demonstrated include:

  •     More effective marketing strategies and better targeted sales efforts
  •     Increased revenue and profit and clearer company objectives
  •     A more committed and harmonious workforce and an enjoyable workplace
  •     More successful sales and marketing recruitment, retention and motivation
  •     Commercial leaders who become a reason employees decide to stay & contribute
  •     Industry leading sales managers, sales representatives and marketers
  •     Winning methods for developing strategy and rewarding effort and results

Recently Craig helped a business triple sales to more than $80M and an independent research agency clearly ranked the company sales team as the best in the industry.