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More From Your CRM Technology – It’s All About Needs

“Sales Force Automation Software Is Only As Good As The Implementation”

How To Turn Your Customer Relationship Management System Into Your Most Useful Sales Tool

One Day Program

Change Management

  • Above & below the line behaviour
  • The language you use

Business Rapport – Obvious Or An Art?

  • What is it?
  • How is it built?
  • The role of technology

Perceptions of Customer Service

  • Real or perceived service
  • Know the value drivers
  • Low energy high impact service
  • Changing the world by phone & email
  • It is not always about giving more
  • Which companies rank well & why?

Sales Efficiency

  • Doing more in less time and with less effort
  • Some selling myths – face to face isn’t always better
  • Less stress more personal satisfaction
  • Why is it easier for some sales people than others?
  • Death of the sticky note – technology to the rescue again
  • Always work smarter not harder
  • Logic and systems are your friend not your enemy

Technology is for Geeks!

  • It always looks harder than it is
  • Finding and mastering the few things that matter
  • Why a stitch in time always saves nine
  • Please keep change to a minimum

My Four Goals For the Month

  • Change Management
  • Business Rapport
  • Customer Service
  • Efficient Selling
  • Technology
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