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Selling Questions – Do They Really Matter?

You betcha! Most sales practitioners get to the point of understanding the difference between “open” and “closed” questions and that’s about it. Open questions open up the conversation and might use phrases like “Tell me about…” , “Explain…” and so forth. Closed questions have been off the nose for a while (unjustifiably) and they seek […]

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Sales Performance Sweet Spots

Many accomplished sales leaders struggle to know how to develop their sales team. It’s not because of a lack of leadership skills or a shortage of training options; far from it. It’s possible to keep sales people locked up in learning and development for weeks and there are numerous good programs to choose from. The […]

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A New Sales Strategy: Sales Skills For Faster Selling & Faster Profits!

Why FASTER SELLING Is A Winner! Everyone wants to sell faster, even buyers want it, but we all tend to think about it from slightly different perspectives.  If I said let’s be more efficient and effective with our sales, I’d get instant consensus. If I said let’s reduce the length of the sales cycle because […]

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