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A New Sales Strategy: Sales Skills For Faster Selling & Faster Profits!

faster selling


Everyone wants to sell faster, even buyers want it, but we all tend to think about it from slightly different perspectives.  If I said let’s be more efficient and effective with our sales, I’d get instant consensus. If I said let’s reduce the length of the sales cycle because it will go straight to the bottom line, again there would be agreement.  If I said let’s increase the customer perception of value and let’s be more clever about how we differentiate our products and services, again there would be applause.  Yet I am saying all of those things, because they are the direct consequence of the skill which I call faster selling.

“Faster” doesn’t mean rushed and overworked, far from it.  “Faster selling” is actually less hurried and less superficial than traditional selling, but it gets quicker results.  Strikingly, faster selling is more profitable and more likely to protect your business and products from competitive forces!

Let’s face it, competition is getting stronger because products and services are being rapidly commoditised.  Product and service characteristics like “clever”, “sophisticated”, “well engineered”, “reliable” and “reputation” aren’t closing deals like they used to.  The shocking reality is that everyone sells great stuff!   Sales excellence for complex products and services is now profoundly about the quality and style of the sales encounter and the “smarts” behind account and call planning.  This is evidenced by a move towards recruiting brilliant (but less technical) sales people who have enviable selling and interpersonal skills.  These people are then supported by the necessary technical specialists.  Fortunately sales people with enviable selling skills can also be created in-house.  You don’t have to poach people or pay through the nose to enjoy a well functioning, engaged and profitable sales team.

About a dozen years ago the Harvard Business Review suggested that good selling skills would become the saviour of product differentiation and company success.  At the time no one really believed it, but the future has arrived!  There is now a critical need in almost every businesses and industry for something which will halt the rapid slide in product & company differentiation.  Again this is all achieved with faster selling, a technique with its fundamentals in properly uncovering and developing the context of customers needs and much smarter matching of product and service characteristics to those needs.

If this faster selling sales technique is so revolutionary, you might be thinking, why isn’t every company clambering to introduce faster selling training to its sales teams?  Well actually, most of the top companies are!   You have probably heard of broad notions of “solution” and “consultative selling”, these are key components of faster selling.

Faster selling is a suite of skills and it can be implemented with very few business process changes and with only a couple of days of onsite training.  As a bonus, these skills will also pull more real opportunities from your customer relationship management system.

To get a sense of how the faster selling sales technique differs from traditional sales techniques, have a look at the two sales training programs below.  Keep in mind that selling skills training and sales management training always requires a facilitator who is an expert in the area, it is not the domain of a broad skills trainer:

Traditional Sales Training Program

  • Establishing your company credentials
  • Asking for customer intelligence
  • Skillfully using open and closed questions
  • Fully demonstrating your product or service
  • Properly handling objections
  • Offering proposals
  • The need to constantly close & ask for the sale

Faster Selling Skills Program

  • Creating a value conversation
  • Preventing rather than solving objections
  • Developing intense customer needs
  • Matching product relevance to customer focus
  • Holding back on product features
  • Neutralizing price and delaying proposals
  • Getting the customer to close the sale
  • Shortening the sales cycle

By now you should be wondering whether it’s possible that your sales team might be leaving sales, market share and profit on the table?  There’s every chance they are working too hard if they are not operating at peak effectiveness.  Sales people who learn the skills required to shorten the sales cycle and close the deal more easily get a break from the relentless competitive pressure and they feel empowered and successful and less overworked.

If you would like to talk about the positive impact of faster selling skills on team culture, employee retention, engagement and of course the bottom line give me a call or send me an email.  I’m always happy to arrange a complimentary call back discussion to look at some quick wins for you and your team.

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